e helped produce the new find, wh▓ich was reported in the

Journal of Medica
  • l E▓ntomology.Preserved so perfec

    e process▓ and dropping it immediately into t▓ree sap," said George Poinar, Jr., p

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  • tly in amber that they appear to

    rofessor emer▓itus in the College of Science at Oregon State▓ University (OSU)."Th

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  • have been prepared for display i?/h3>

    is would be consistent with the grooming behavior of monkeys that we know lived at

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坣 a laboratory, t

that time in this region," said Poinar, author of the study▓ and an international expert on plant and animal life forms foun

he cells wer

e found together w

d preserved in amber."The fossilized blood cells, infected with these parasites, are simply amazing in their detail."The f▓ossi

ith what r

esearchers s

l parasites add to the history of the Order ▓Piroplasmida, of which the Babesiidae is one family.In humans, the parasite B. mic

ay are the o

nly known fossi▓ls

of a type of parasite that still e
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